Why would I need an MR Neurography scan?

Any time your physician suspects you are suffering from a nerve-related ailment, chances are good that an MR neurography scan can help determine if this diagnosis is correct. Moreover, in the event the diagnosis is accurate, an MR neurography scan can help your physician pinpoint the location of the issue and thereby craft a course of action that will have a much greater success rate.

Not every pain is due to a nerve problem. In many cases, the nerves are working perfectly and the pain is your body’s way of telling you there is a problem with a tissue inside. Think of a sprained ankle, broken bone or stomach ache — the pain lets you know something is wrong.

Sometimes, a compressed or pinched nerve is the problem. This is a perfect example of where an MR neurography scan from Neurography Institute may be helpful; an MR neurography scan can locate and depict the exact location where the nerve is irritated or injured.

Some of the more common reasons behind MR neurography scans are:

  • arm pain
  • hand pain
  • leg pain
  • foot pain

In many cases, these pains can be attributed to a spinal problem such as a herniated disk or bone spur. But just as often, the problems can be related to nerves distant from the spinal area. Considering nearly 100,000 spinal surgeries each year fail to help their respective patients, it’s important to consider steps such as MR neurography before invasive surgeries are ordered, to be absolutely sure of the problem.

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