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We are the world leaders in DTI imaging

We are the world leaders in DTI imaging

DTI has been validated by over 50,000 peer reviewed journal articles and is currently considered the leading diagnostic tool to diagnose brain injury, TBI, post-concussive disorder and certain depression disorders and drastically improves patient brain tumor surgery outcomes. This is because DTI is able to image the scaffolding and connections of the brain CT and routine MRI cannot.  DTI is a measurement of the diffusion, the movement, of water through the white matter (nerve axons) of the brain by use of a high field MRI scanner.

These tracts are called fasciculus, cingulum or gyri and depending on the direction of the tracts a computer program assigns a color or there is software that assigns specific tract populations a specific color. Unlike PET scans that image active sugar uptake in the brain, “functional MRI” that only images oxygen levels in blood vessels of the brain or Quantitative analysis that compares very small volume changes in areas of the brain, the DTI reveals the physical location and functioning of the neurons themselves.  Blank space or drop off of fibers in a specific area of the brain can indicate injury. [fornix injury], [optic nerve injury] [spinal cord injury] [pictures link]

The Neurography Institute is the premiere imaging facility world-wide providing very specific area tractography and fractional anisotropy analysis.  Dr. Aaron Filler, MD, Ph.D. is the Neurography Institute and world’s leader in DTI analysis and interpretation. The imaging techniques personally developed by Dr. Filler has brought to light many of the smaller but very important parts of the brain, never before routinely imaged such as the memory circuit of the brain the FORNIX.

The Neurography Institute is the world’s leading expert source for Diffusion Tensor Imaging. This remarkable imaging technology, developed by our founder and medical director, Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD PhD JD FRCS, can often identify brain injuries that are invisible on standard MRI scans. The Neurography Institute’s team has more than twenty years experience with DTI because Dr. Filler was the lead inventor on the original DTI patent (US 5,560,360) – that’s where the world’s first DTI brain tract image was published. One of the key uses for DTI is in courts of law across America, where DTI brain scans are being used to prove – or disprove – actual brain injury. Allow The Neurography Institute to provide the industry’s highest quality DTI scans for you or your client.

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The Neurography Institute, worldwide home of genuine MR neurography scanning technology that helps your physician identify and treat often elusive nerve conditions that can cause tremendous physical and emotional pain.

There is only one best source for genuine MR neurography scans – the licensed Nerve Scan Centers of The Neurography Institute. With MR Neurography, the scan is only part of the process – what counts the most is the interpretive reading of your scan by a qualified professional – the expert neurosurgeons of The Neurography Institute – that others simply cannot offer.

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