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The Neurography Institute is the world’s leading expert source for Diffusion Tensor Imaging. This remarkable imaging technology, developed by our founder and medical director, Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD PhD JD FRCS, can often identify brain injuries that are invisible on standard MRI scans. The Neurography Institute’s team has more than twenty years experience with DTI because Dr. Filler was the lead inventor on the original DTI patent (US 5,560,360) – that’s where the world’s first DTI brain tract image was published. Allow The Neurography Institute to provide the industry’s highest quality DTI scans for you or your client.

Inventions & Recognitions

Dr. Aaron Filler is a world-renowned neurosurgeon and leading expert in diagnosing traumatic brain injury and the treatment of nerve pain.

Aaron G. Filler, MD PhD JD FRCS
An inventor and patent holder of MR Neurography and DTI (Diffusion Tensor Imaging) MORE >
First physician to perform MR Guided nerve injections in 1998 MORE >
First physician to corrolate symptoms with brain injury MORE >
An Expert Witness in over 500 depositions, 80 state and Federal Trial Testimony. MORE >
MD from the University of Chicago, a Ph.D. from Harvard University. MORE >
Published more than twenty prominent scientific publications.MORE >
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