Best MR Neurography Scan Studies

Pelvic MR Neurography Scan Study: 40-year-old man

Pelvic MR Neurography Scan Study of a 40-year-old male suffering from urological symptoms, weak bladder and decreased sexual functions from Pudendal pain symptoms. The MRN shows left Pudendal nerve entrapment in addition to Illiolingual nerve impingement. The scan study aided the referring physician to treat the pain accurately.

Brachial Plexus MR Neurography Scan Study: 21-year-old man

Brachial Plexus MR Neurography Scan Study of a 21-year-old male suffering from thoracic outlet pain symptoms after a motorcycle accident, with weakness and numbing pain focused on the left side. The MRN shows a tear in one of the brachial plexus nerve elements. The cervical spine nerve roots show a neuroma formation attributed to trauma. This was a complex orthopedic spine and peripheral nerve surgical repair which would have been less than successful without Neurography imaging, since traditional imaging would have only focused on the spine repair and would not have shown soft tissue injury to the nerve elements.

Neck and Shoulder MR Neurography Scan Study: 60-year-old woman

Neck and Shoulder MR Neurography Scan Study of a 60-year-old woman suffering from neck pain and headaches that had gradually intensified over the course of a year. MR Neurography imaging sequences are sensitive to abnormal flow or movement of endoneurial fluid and a small (2 centimeters) mass that was not noted in a routine MRI is now fully appreciated in a 3-dimensional MR Neurography scan. As a result of the detailed images, orthopedic and neurological surgeons were able to excise the mass successfully.

MR Neurography Scan Study: 29-year-old woman

Pelvic MR Neurography Scan Study of a 29-year-old woman suffering from pelvic pain following a difficult vaginal delivery. The pain was first thought to be centered around irritation of the sciatic nerve; however, MR Neurography showed an incidental tendon tear and fluid collection that also contributed to the lower extremity pain symptoms. Treatment planning based on these image details proved successful, and the patient progressed to the normal daily routine of a young mother.

Piriformis MR Neurography Scan Study: 43-year-old woman

Piriformis MR Neurography Scan Study of a 43-year-old woman suffering from hip pain radiating down her leg to her ankle. The pain and associated weakness caused the leg to give out after prolonged periods of standing or walking. The MR Neurography showed the presence of a significant compressive abnormality and split Piriformis-split Sciatic configuration. The split muscle is identified as the pain irritative syndrome and peripheral nerve surgery has been planned for early 2013.

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