Nerve Tumors

Actual tumors affecting the nerves are rare, and the good news is that they are often benign and curable.

The problem is that they may be very hard to locate. The pain and numbness from a nerve tumor may mimic a far more common type of nerve pinch or syndrome. Often, failed surgeries are done for other disorders when the actual problem is a nerve tumor.

MR neurography is a highly effective method for surveying significant regions of the body for nerve tumors. A neurography scan study is capable of illustrating tumors as tiny as one or two millimeters, or as large as lemon.

In fact, in many cases, tumors of all sizes have turned up by surprise in MR neurography studies ordered by doctors who were looking for a nerve entrapment.

And, if a nerve tumor has already been found, MR neurography is an excellent way to help the surgeon determine exact details so the most effective and successful treatment can be planned.

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You can learn more about nerve tumors at our sister site, Here you will find a complete discussion of nerve tumors, including a complete range of treatments as well as background information on the condition.


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