Diffusion Tensor Imaging For Detailed Brain Evaluation

The Neurography Institute is the world’s leading expert source for Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Brain Injury – when a routine brain MRI shows no abnormality, DTI can often reveal the actual injury that is invisible on standard MRI.

This is because DTI is the only method that can show the internal connecting tracts of the brain — the long, thin nerve fibers of the brain’s “white matter” are the parts most subject to damage and disconnection. Only DTI can actually see the nerve tracts of the brain.

Because The Neurography Institute’s founder Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD PhD JD FRCS, was the lead inventor on the original DTI patent, our team has more than twenty years experience with DTI.


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Getting started on your nerve imaging strategy is easy with The Neurography Institute. In fact, it’s as easy as talking to your doctor. Because your doctor is your partner in your health, it’s important to involve him or her early.

Let them know that you feel an MR neurography imaging session may be a great move in helping chart a course for your treatment. Chances are, your doctor will agree with you, because MR neurography is one of the fastest-growing next-generation imaging strategies in medicine today.


The leading source for MR neurography

There is one leading source for MR neurography scans: The Neurography Institute. The nerve scan centers of The Neurography Institute are licensed to perform MR neurography medical scans. If you are offered an “MR neurography” by anyone else, it will not include readings by industry professionals who helped invent the process.

An MR neurography is more than just a medical scan. It is the collaboration between licensed scanning center, the patient, the patient’s referring physician, and the neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons of The Neurography Institute.


What is involved in having an MR neurography scan performed?

If you’ve ever had an x-ray, CT scan, or even MRI scan, then you already know what an MR neurography is like. MR neurography scans are conducted under standard MR imaging scanners such as the one depicted here. You lay on a scanning table and your body is passed into the scanning station automatically (or, underneath the scanning magnet, depending on the physical design of the MRI scanner itself). The entire process can take as little as a matter of minutes, or as long as a half-hour or more, depending on the number of scans required. No injectable dyes are used and there is no pain and no ill after-effects whatsoever. The entire process is comfortable and completely without discomfort


Why would I need an MR Neurography scan?

Any time your physician suspects you are suffering from a nerve-related ailment, chances are good that an MR neurography scan can help determine if this diagnosis is correct. Moreover, in the event the diagnosis is accurate, an MR neurography scan can help your physician pinpoint the location of the issue and thereby craft a course of action that will have a much greater success rate.

Not every pain is due to a nerve problem. In many cases, the nerves are working perfectly and the pain is your body’s way of telling you there is a problem with a tissue inside. Think of a sprained ankle, broken bone or stomach ache — the pain lets you know something is wrong.


How does MR Neurography work?

Magnetic resonance neurography is the imaging of nerves through the use of magnetic resonance equipment.

But MR neurography is more than just placing a person underneath an MR machine and taking a picture.

MR Neurography is a patented process that requires specific MR equipment and patented configurations, skilled personnel to perform the imaging, computer-aided visual enhancements, and trained neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons to “read” (or knowledgeably interpret) the scans to properly identify issues and provide diagnoses and recommended courses of action.

The Neurography Institute is a leading licensed provider of MR neurography imaging. Patients and doctors should know that the quality of MR neurography can only be guaranteed by license under the patent.


Welcome to The Neurography Institute – provider of

MR Neurography Nerve Imaging
DTI – Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Welcome to The Neurography Institute, worldwide home of genuine MR neurography scanning technology that helps your physician identify and treat often elusive nerve conditions that can cause tremendous physical and emotional pain.

There is only one best source for genuine MR neurography scans – the licensed Nerve Scan Centers of The Neurography Institute. With MR Neurography, the scan is only part of the process – what counts the most is the interpretive reading of your scan by a qualified professional – the expert neurosurgeons of The Neurography Institute – that others simply cannot offer.

Trust your health to the real solution: a genuine MR neurography scan from The Neurography Institute. Call 877-PAIN-MRI today, or complete the form below to request an appointment at one of our many Authorized Nerve Scan Centers.

We are the world leaders in DTI imaging

We are the world leaders in DTI imaging

The Neurography Institute is the world’s leading expert source for Diffusion Tensor Imaging. This remarkable imaging technology, developed by our founder and medical director, Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD PhD JD FRCS, can often identify brain injuries that are invisible on standard MRI scans. The Neurography Institute’s team has more than twenty years experience with DTI because Dr. Filler was the lead inventor on the original DTI patent (US 5,560,360) – that’s where the world’s first DTI brain tract image was published. One of the key uses for DTI is in courts of law across America, where DTI brain scans are being used to prove – or disprove – actual brain injury. Allow The Neurography Institute to provide the industry’s highest quality DTI scans for you or your client.

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