New Patient Consultation

During a New Patient Consultation at NIMA, we seek to have a comprehensive understanding of you- the patient- not a medical record number. We want to get to you know and to learn about what brings you into our office.
You will be requested to complete paperwork and diagrams that detail the nature of your pain. During the Physical Evaluation portion of your visit, Dr. Filler will evaluate you head-to-toe and determine the best course of action.
Are you suffering from a brain injury? If yes, every new patient will complete an extensive questionnaire that captures brain function and includes neurologic, behavioral, and emotional symptoms you have been experiencing.
Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) can detect TBI, making it the best marker for brain injury. DTI visualizes tracts within the brain and can detect subtle injuries that interfere with the normal function of the operating circuits in the brain. Dr. Filler's proprietary DTI protocol examines and measures over 35 separate brain locations and provide specific data showing the statistical significance of each abnormal finding and correlates it with patient's report of symptoms that commenced at the time of the injury.
Are you suffering from pain in your body? It could be nerve related. We will ask you to indicate on multiple body diagrams to report where and what type of pain you have been experiencing.
We use MR-Neurography to image nerves and obtain accurate diagnoses for your treatment. MR-Neurography is a patented process where high-field MRI units can image normally ‘invisible’ nerve tissue using patented scan pulse sequences. What does that mean? That means we can detect and image nerve structures in the body which allow us for an accurate diagnosis of a range of nerve and spine afflictions and ultimately target the optimal treatment plan for you.
Based on the findings from the DTI exam and/or MR-Neurography exam, we can make well informed decisions for your subsequent treatments.
At NIMA, we offer Open MR (magnetic resonance) guided interventional procedures which are surgery-based procedures performed by Dr. Aaron G. Filler, MD, PhD. The procedures are done in a Hitatchi 1.2T Oasis Open MRI with optical guidance that allows stereotactic guidance of the needle into soft tissue. Dr. Aaron Filler pioneered the use of Open MR Guidance to help reduce the pain and radiation exposure eliminate harmful X-ray radiation in these procedures. This means more accuracy, less discomfort, no cancer-causing radiation, and faster recovery for most patients. MR-guided injections with hyaluronidase, for example, may be capable of dissolving and releasing nerve entrapments which may help resolve symptoms.
What are the benefits of MR-guided injections?

In contrast to X-ray or CT-guided procedures, we are not using a 2-dimensional image like what is created on X-ray. In some X-ray/Fluoroscopic guided procedures, the patient may receive a dose of x-rays almost 500 times the amount of a chest x-ray. Open MR-guided injections use zero radiation and minimizes discomfort of the patient.
Dr. Aaron Filler pioneered the use of Open MR Guidance to help reduce the pain and radiation exposure eliminate harmful X-ray radiation in these procedures.
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