The leading source for MR neurography

There is one leading source for MR neurography scans: The Neurography Institute.

The nerve scan centers of The Neurography Institute are licensed to perform MR neurography medical scans. If you are offered an “MR neurography” by anyone else, it will not include readings by industry professionals who helped invent the process.

An MR neurography is more than just a medical scan. It is the collaboration between licensed scanning center, the patient, the patient’s referring physician, and the neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons of The Neurography Institute.

It’s not only the technology that makes The Neurography Institute unique – it’s also the process by which your scan is processed and reviewed. Unlike most scanning centers, which simply “take a picture” and forward the results to your physician, The Neurography Institute provides in-depth analysis of your MR neurography so that your physician has all the information available to make an accurate diagnosis and craft an appropriate strategy.

Once your MR neurography scan is completed at the affiliated nerve scan center, it is encrypted with HIPAA-compliant security and transmitted to The Neurography Institute for complex processing. The final step is a series of readings by authoritative neuroradiologists overseen by Dr. Aaron Filler, providing the referring physician (your doctor) and the patient (you) with the highest level of expertise and recommendations possible.

The result is an accurate scan, accurate diagnosis and comprehensive strategy for treatment. The best MR neurography scans come from The Neurography Institute.

Compare your scanning options Genuine Pulse Sequence Software HIPAA-compliant image encryption Scans read by Dr. Filler-trained neuroradiologists
Neurography Institute
Genuine technology
Genuine & patented
100% HIPAA compliant
Ensure accuracy
Unlicensed Facility
Unknown technology
Unknown software
Maybe, maybe not
Unknown training source

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