Top MR Neurography Images

Pudendal Nerve Pathology

Significance: Markedly dilated vein on the left in the ischiorectal fossa contacting a major perineal branch of pudendal nerve.

Post-Radiation Plexitis

Significance: Patient past history of breast cancer presenting with brachial plexitis, lower trunk nerve swelling.

Failed Brachial Plexus Graft

Significance: Patient with brachial plexus injury imaged after attempted grafting surgery.

Graft of Femoral Nerve

Significance: Patient with femoral nerve severance after grafting. Image on left muscle dennervation/recovery after nerve injury.

Patient with Leg Pain / Sciatica

Significance: Patient with leg pain found with hamstring tear.

Patient with Conjoined L4-5 Roots

Significance: Abnormal spine nerve anatomy on right at L4. L4 bifucated with congenital variant of normal decending L4 root and a component joining L5 nerve root below.

Patient with Radial Nerve Injury

Significance: Patient with instrumentation disrupting radial nerve at mid-humerus.

Patient with T1 Focal Entrapment

Significance: Focal T1 entrapment.

Patient with Sciatic Neuritis

Significance: Patient with distal entrapment of sciatic nerve with possible neuritis.

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