Top MR Neurography Scans

Pudendal Vein

Scan image of patient suffering from rectal and vaginal pain for several years, being treated with antibiotics and pain medicines. MR Neurography of the pelvic area revealed a compressed nerve in the perineal area as cause for the pain and was then treated by a nerve block injection.

Brachial Plexus TOS

MR Neurography image of Brachial Plexus demonstrating irritated and dislocated nerves which led to proper treatment for patient’s problem.

Genitofemoral Nerve Compression

MR Neurography exam due to patient complaint of pain experienced for three years post-hernia repair surgery. MRN images reveal irritated genitofemoral nerve.

Hyperintense Lingual

MR Neurography of facial and mandibular area due to pain following dental extraction reveals nerve injury, ruling out need for surgery.

Brachial Plexus Entrapment

MR Neurography image demonstrating severe brachial plexus entrapment.

Sciatic Nerve Entrapment

MR Neurography image of sciatic nerve demonstrating entrapment. An MR Neurography exam allowed the patient to avoid complicated surgery which otherwise may have been performed to find location of nerve entrapment.

Sciatic Nerve Entrapment – Alternate View

An alternate view of the same patient as discussed above. Neurography created a small, precise surgery condition for the patient.

Irritated Median Nerve

MRN Neurography of wrist area on patient diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. MRN revealed irritation of medial nerve which was then treated with precise Open MRI guided injections leading to complete relief of symptoms.

Conjoined Nerves

This is very unusual anatomy; conjoined nerves occur in less than 10% of humans. MR Neurography is capable of not only imaging this condition, but providing clear guidance toward treatment.

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